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Release Date: 1993. I was a junior in high school when I made Clash of Spears.

It's a DOS-based, turn-based, fantasy strategy game for 2 - 4 players. Freeware.


  • Over 40 different unit types, each with unique strengths and weak spots
  • Up to four players can battle against each other
  • 320x200, 256 color graphics
  • Full graphical user interface
  • 3 different player alignments, each with unique units - choose to be good, neutral, or evil!
  • Check out the credits for my favorite bands circa 1993. It's a riot!


Q: Can I save more than 10 sets of games?
A: Yes. Take your old save games and move them to a different directory (even a directory underneath your COS installation directory is fine). Then use file copying and moving to swap between the two sets of files.

( 412kb )