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Ahh, Kromene! Or, the more formal, Caverns of Kromene.

Caverns of Kromene is FREEWARE!
Release Date: 1990. Summer break for me, 8th grade is but a speck on the horizon, and I've finally saved enough money to buy Borland's Turbo C++. I have a 386/33 with a 40MB hard drive, and a Trident 640x480x256 SVGA adapter. I make a game. It's not good. But it was the first.

Caverns of Kromene is a DOS, fantasy dungeon-crawl role-playing game, similar to the old NES games Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, except not fun. Escape from the maze, or die trying. One player.


  • Glorious 640x480 graphics with 16 completely different colors!
  • Over 10 different mazes to play!
  • Wide variety of animals and things to kill!
  • 10 different weapons!
  • Bombs to blast your enemies!


Q: Who's "Capt. Blood"?
A: Me. Capt. Blood was my alias. I thought it was a cool name. Someone once asked me if I was the Capt. Blood. I don't think so. From what I gather, back in the BBS days Capt. Blood was a noted hacker. All I did was play Trade Wars a lot.

Q: Why does this game suck so bad?
A: Because it used Borland's BGI libs.

Q: Are there plans for a sequel?
A: Oh yes, there will be a sequel.

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