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Quaternion means four. As in, this game is like Tetris, only instead of making lines, when you connect four balls of the same color, those balls disappear. It is heavily inspired by games like Puyo Puyo.

When it comes to the amount of time I've invested in something, Qua is second only to the Special Effects book. I spent two years of nights and weekends building this game and its associated DirectX based engine.

It paid off; Quaternion was a finalist in the 2000 Independent Games Festival, and that gave me an opportunity to travel to the GDC and meet a bunch of friends for the first time.

( 30mb )

Quaternion requires the following:

  • ▸ Pentium II or higher processor (or equivalent)
  • ▸ Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000. Windows NT is not supported.
  • ▸ DirectX version 7 or higher.
  • ▸ 32MB RAM, 50MB disk space.
  • ▸ Graphics card capable of HiColor in 800x600 resolution. 3D acceleration recommended, but not required.
  • ▸ DirectX compatible sound card, mouse, optional joystick.
  • ▸ DirectPlay compatible network connection (TCP/IP, IPX, etc) for multiplayer games


  • ▸ Single player adventure containing somewhere around 50 levels.
  • ▸ Dozens of powerups hurtful and helpful
  • ▸ Stat tracking
  • ▸ Competitive or cooperative multiplayer via DirectPlay.
  • ▸ Skin editor and level editor.